AIAA Deep Space panel on the Hill

Kris was a panelist for a July 2012 event on Capitol Hill titled, "Deep Space: Relaunching American Exceptionalism."  For more, see AIAA's summary article.

The United States must continue to explore space, yet lawmakers, policy experts and the general public must understand that there are substantial technical and medical barriers to further exploration initiatives which must be overcome before expanded exploration is possible. That was the message from AIAA’s “Deep Space: Relaunching American Exceptionalism” panel on July 24 at the Rayburn House Office Building. [...]

[Dr. Lehnhardt] gave a thorough review of how the life sciences are crucial to furthering exploration of space. He pointed out that two of the biggest challenges to furthering human exploration of space are the effects of radiation and the effects of micro-gravity on the human body.